Fusion Dance Project


Fusion Dance Project is dedicated to providing exceptional technical training in a positive environment that focuses on the life skills of responsibility, punctuality, dependability, teamwork, and most importantly, respect for others. We are looking forward to providing children in the community with a place to learn, develop, and appreciate their dancing potential for many years to come.


Fusion Dance Project is located at 9220 Park West Blvd, 37923, which is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and flooring that is designed to help prevent injuries. The flooring in both studio classrooms has Marley overlay which aids our dancers with their technical performance.

  • C – Care for each other
  • O – Open themselves to developing as dancers and people
  • M – Make good choices
  • P – Pay attention in class
  • A – Arrive on time
  • N – Never talk behind others’ backs
  • Y – Yearn to learn


  • C – Clap after performances and for your teachers
  • U – Understand that everyone learns differently
  • L – Love to perform
  • T – Try their best every day
  • U – Understand that confidence in yourself is KEY
  • R – Remind each other to be kind
  • E – Enjoy what you do